Mancosa scholarship for KZN women’s coach

After recently retiring from international cricket, current KwaZulu-Natal women’s cricket coach Dinesha Devnarain will take up a scholarship at the Management College of Southern Africa (MANCOSA) to study Human Resource Management with ambitions of giving back to the women’s game in the province via her soon-to-be acquired administrative skills at a later stage.
Juggling a cricket career and studies was becoming a difficult task for the former South African women’s player and when she decided to concentrate on her cricket it was her studies that took a back seat.

“I started off at UKZN studying on the same sponsored bursary where I did a bit of finance and management,” Devnarain said. “I was playing international cricket so a lot of touring took place so I stopped studying for a year. Once I retired from international cricket about a year ago I decided to finish my studies now that I had more time.”

The opportunity to study is something that Devnarain is looking forward to and hopes to take up a position within the administration of women’s cricket in the not too distant future.

“I want to get involved in administration. Women’s cricket needs more ambassadors and so by having a degree I feel it will help me perform the role that I want to well,” she mentioned.

On the field the 2013/14 season was a good one for the KZN women’s team and under the full-time tutelage of Devnarain this season, the side will be able to grow and see her as coach and nothing else.

“As a team we have progressed really well recently. We set the bar high for ourselves last season where we were runners-up and so this year I am hoping that the girls can gel well together and continue with their good performances.

“It was difficult for myself and the girls last year with me being player/coach. The girls had to see from two different points of views all the time. On the park I was the player and as soon as we got off the park I was the coach. Hopefully this season things will be easier.”

The coach is upbeat about the coming season and with preparations well underway, she is happy with the progress to date.

” We started preparations quite early this year and things are looking good so far. Our season only starts at the end of November but so far the girls are looking on top of everything,” Devnarain added.