KZNCU thanks community after Khan murder

The KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union has expressed its grief at the untimely death of star intellectually impaired cricketer Nawaaz Khan, and thanked the Umzinto community that rallied together to ensure that the alleged perpetrators were arrested.

Khan, 23, of Gandhinagar in Umzinto, was a key member of the Saints, KwaZulu-Natal and, since 2013, the South African intellectually impaired cricket sides.

He was named the South African Intellectually Impaired Player of the Year at the Cricket South Africa Awards in 2013.

Khan disappeared on Saturday afternoon 31 October and his body was discovered by searching friends and relatives several days later.

A 21 year-old man has been arrested, after which community members worked together to locate and contain a 31 year-old traditional healer believed to be behind Khan’s murder, until police were able to take him into custody.

The KwaZulu-Natal Cricket Union was deeply saddened to learn of Khan’s death, as he was not only a star of the KZN Intellectually Impaired side, but also played a key developmental role.

The Union thanked the members of the community that worked together to locate the alleged suspects and handed them over the police to allow the process of justice to run its course.

“Khan’s crowning moment was when Hashim Amla presented him with the SA Player of the Tournament trophy at the SASA-II National Cricket Championships in Rustenburg in March 2013,” said Calvin Govender, the manager of his local Saints cricket club in Umzinto, for whom Khan had played since the age of 14.

The Union once again extends its heartfelt condolences to Khan’s family, friends and team mates.