Dolphins lend helping hand to Khulakahle Crèche

The Sunfoil Dolphins went in to bat for the Khulakahle Crèche in Inanda in response to an appeal for help with cots for children at the day care facility, after the crèche and the Gandhi Development Trust recently made a plea to businesses and organisations in and around Durban for assistance.

2015CrecheOutsideWell known players Vaughn van Jaarsveld, Divan van Wyk, Andile Phehlukwayo and Sibonelo Makhanya travelled to the crèche in Inanda and for Van Jaarsveld it was an important trip in realising that even the smallest efforts can go a long way to making these children’s lives easier.

“Going to places like the Khulakahle Crèche just makes you realise what you as a complete stranger can do in the community,” he said. “The efforts that so many people put in to keeping places like this going are incredible and it is a truly humbling experience for all of us that went.

“Being able to add a little bit of value to these young people’s lives is always rewarding and as a franchise being involved in community work is always positive.”

Being actively involved in community projects like this one is something that Van Jaarsveld finds satisfying on a personal level as he understands that helping out in communities and assisting in any way he can to be rewarding.

“Just to get out here and see the joy and happiness on these kid’s faces when you are around them and having fun with them is satisfying,” Van Jaarsveld added.

Kanya Padayachee of the Gandhi Development Trust was full of appreciation of what the coastal franchise did to help crèche supervisor Doris Ngidi and the rest of the team at the Khulakahle Crèche however she also appreciated that the visit of the players was more than just delivering the cot.

“The Dolphins’ visit was the opportunity for pre-school children to interface with sports’ heroes – people who demonstrate by their effort, commitment and determination that success is within reach.

“They inspire children to live clean lives by placing high value on physical effort and mental agility – the most basic demands of sport,” Padayachee mentioned.

Padayachee adds that the influence of professional sports people in underprivileged communities cannot go unnoticed as the influence that they have on the young is a positive one and is a way of showing the children a way out of their current situation.

“In sub-economic areas/townships particularly, sporting personalities can make a huge difference to the lives of children, by showing alternate ways of living – instead of falling into the trap of poverty and deprivation.

“They can motivate such disadvantaged children to aspire to similar heights,” she explained.

The players handed over caps and some lollipops to the children at the end of their visit to the crèche, leaving dozens of smiling faces and, more importantly a drive to inspire these young minds to make the most of their education.